First Update

As much as we want this blog to be about launching a site to sell Robin's jewelry creations or about Grant's photography or about Sydney's t-shirts with a message, that's not what this first post will be about.  

As much as we would love for this first post to be about the incredible organizations that we have chosen to support and the great things that they are doing, that's not what this first post will be about, either.

A little over two weeks ago, our world changed as we learned that Robin had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  As you can imagine, this has completely changed our focus and priorities.  

We are very excited to launch our site and to provide a place where you can get your purchase Robin's jewelry but that is secondary to Robin's health.

For those interested, Robin had a 3D mammogram for the first time this year.  In it, they found something that concerned the doctors.  They were not able to find it in a standard mammagram, ultrasound or MRI.  Who knows how much further it would have been along if she hadn't chosen to do the 3D.  

She's preparing for surgery on Monday, November, 21st.  

We will use this site to provide updates on her as she goes through this journey.

We hope you enjoy the jewelry available on here but, even more, we hope that you'll keep Robin in your prayers.