Poole's Mill Covered Bridge Shoot

I got the chance to shoot at one of my favorite places yesterday.  Poole's Mill Park is a little park in north Forsyth County, Georgia with a covered bridge over a little creek.

I've had the chance to shoot out here a number of times but this is the first time that I've shot out here while we have fall color.  It really added to the beauty of the park.  Look at the number of leaves floating in the creek.

Here in Georgia, we are in the midst of an extreme drought.  Because of the lack of water in the creek, I was able to walk out on some rocks that would normally be under water and have a very different perspective of the bridge.

Because of Daylight Savings Time and the early nightfall, I was able to get some night shots of the bridge, as well.

I hope you enjoyed this images as much as I did making them.