I've said it before.  We are on a journey.  Today, Robin completed the first step of this journey successfully.

She had successful surgery and started the reconstruction process.  As I type this, we've been at the hospital for 14 hours and Robin is resting in recovery.  She was in surgery for 6+ hours but everything we prayed for and hoped for has been answered.  

All of the pathology that was performed while she was in surgery has come back negative for any more cancer!  Every indication is that she can rest and recover from the surgery without having to worry about chemo or radiation treatments.

One of the hardest things that I've had to deal with today is that we have received soooo many people offering to help us and we, really, don't even know what we need in the way of help.  This doesn't lessen the incredible appreciation we have for all of you that have helped, offered help or offered thoughts and prayers.  We are truly blessed by each one of you!