I mentioned the other day that Robin and I had the opportunity to serve as Door Holders at Passion 2017.  Passion calls all of the volunteers Door Holders as our job is to "open the door so these students have a way to see and experience Jesus".

During this incredible event, we experienced and saw many awe-inspiring things.  One great thing for me was spending time with Kyle in this environment and worshipping together.


The first night of Passion, a girl in my section called me over.  She said that it was her first Passion event and that they had driven in from Jacksonville, FL for this.  Before coming, she had heard how amazing the Door Holders are at Passion.  Because of this, she gave me a key chain that said "Amazing".


A simple gesture that just showed what it looks like when you let the love of God flow through you.

As I went through the rest of the conference, I kept my eyes open and noticed how she had heard correctly.  2500+ Door Holders with one mission of allowing these 55,000 students to experience God in a real way.

But one Door Holder really stands out to me as AMAZING.  I will admit to be completely biased in my assessment but I was blown away by my AMAZING wife and her service at Passion.

She was diagnosed in October and had her surgery on November 21.  One of her biggest concerns was how this was going to affect her ability to serve as a Door Holder at Passion.  She was NOT going to miss this opportunity to be part of this gathering of the next generation.

I know that my watch told me that I walked over 9 miles on Tuesday.  This was not an easy time for her but she never complained and was there to help all of the students in her area.

I also know that she's going to be upset that I've written this post as she, clearly, did not want this to be about her.

I already know it but this is just another example of a truly AMAZING woman that I'm proud to call my wife!