Seeing God

Robin and I had the incredible opportunity to serve at Passion 2017 the last three days.  This was a gathering of 55,000+ college age men and women experiencing God in an incredible way.  In the midst of this amazing experience (which we will share more about later this week), I saw God in a very personal way.

If you've poked around on our website, you will see that we are great believers in an organization called Lighthouse Family Retreat that serves families living through childhood cancer by creating environments on seaside retreats where they can rest, restore relationships, experience joy and find hope in God.   

Two years ago, I had the privilege of serving at one of the retreats where I met a very special family.  They were not the family that I was assigned to but I got to spend a bit of time talking with them.

We became Facebook friends and I've followed them since.  This family has dealt with more than I could possibly imagine and they've done it in public with all the emotion you would expect but with even more faith than you'd expect.  Without going into great detail of their journey without their permission, suffice it to say, they have seen and been through some of the hardest things that you could imagine having to deal with. 

When the dad read about Robin's cancer, he immediately reached out to me and offered his support, his prayers and an ear to talk to if I needed it.  In the rush of all that we've dealt with over the last few months, I have not reached out to him.

As I got ready to serve those college students in the Georgia Dome on Wednesday morning, I saw a message on my phone from this guy asking about Robin.  

This man, who is in the midst of more than I can imagine dealing with, had the grace and the love to reach out to me, someone he has spoken to for all of an hour 2 years ago, and express concern for us.  At that moment, God showed up to me in a very personal way through this dad's concern to let me know that God is in charge and God cares about me and about Robin.

This dad that I barely know always says that his daughter is a superhero but I want him to know that he, also, is a superhero and that I thank him so much for bringing God's message to me in a very real and tangible way in the midst of his chaos and my chaos.