Meet Our Owner!

You may be wondering about the behind-the-scenes of Love Well. Sydney Frederiksen is the owner and heart behind Love Well - here is a short interview to get to know her!

Are you an introvert or extrovert? 

  • “I am actually (on Myers-Briggs) 49% extrovert and 51% introvert! That changes depending on the day I take the test, but I definitely have to recharge alone before I can be extremely extroverted.”

Favorite season? 

  • “I’m a big fan of fall and winter - I love bundling up and being cozy. I also just really love rain so honestly any stormy season is good for me.”

Favorite boyband of your childhood?  

  • “Jonas brothers! One time I went to a hockey game when i was 7 or 8, just because they were performing at the halftime show.”

  • A later revision - “I actually have to retract my statement and go with the Pirates that Don’t Do Anything from the Veggie Tales!” 

Early bird or night owl?  

  • “I am both an early bird and night owl. I just don't sleep too much but love taking on the day when the sun come up!”

Tea or coffee?  

  • “COFFEE!! I am definitely addicted to coffee – 5 to 8 cups a day (on a good day). I am also very particular about my coffee; all my friends call me a coffee snob, and I’m okay with that! :)”

What school do you go to?  

  • “I currently go to Liberty University Online! I am studying to get a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. Right now, God's calling me into Next Generation ministry but who knows - in 5 years maybe I'll be headed somewhere else. This season has definitely been a season of blind faith. I've been learning to completely surrender and trust the Lord in all I do!”

Latest hobbies?  

  • “Recently I've gotten into rock climbing! I go 3 to 4 times a week, if I have time. I’m not very good at it, but I'm learning and it’s been super fun!”

Favorite music artist?  

  • “I've been really digging a few new artists - Will Reagan, United Pursuit, and Judah and The Lion. It definitely depends on my mood! Any of the Hillsong bands are also a go-to when I want to worship.”

What pets do you currently have or are wanting?  

  • “I'm not a big pet person (I know... everyone yells at me about it). My parents have a golden doodle that lives with us and my brother has 3 bearded dragons that he got off the side of the road - but personally I don’t love animals.”

Favorite place to eat? Favorite food?  

  • “I really love any place with salads!! I've been digging Salata recently because it’s just a fun salad bar. I don’t know if I have a favorite food right now, but I have been craving acai bowls for weeks and keep eating those - so maybe that’s my current favorite food?”

Favorite place to travel/ last trip you went on?  

  • “My favorite place is definitely New York. I got to live there last summer and fell even more in love with the city! Everyone's just moving and it’s amazing.”

Favorite movie character?  

  • “My favorite movie character is probably Baymax and my favorite movie is What's Eating Gilbert Grape - I could talk about that movie forever, it’s just so good!”

Favorite accessory? 

  • “My favorite accessory is earrings! I recently found the joy in adding a little flare to each outfit with a super fun, unconventional earring! I post every day on my Instagram (@sydfred) an “Earrings Of The Day” and have actually started to get some "fans" of them! (If you ever want to get me earrings - I'd love that!!).”

Person you look up to the most? 

  • “Deciding a person to look up to most is so difficult because God has put so many influential people in my life in the last few years. If I had to choose just one, I would say the Next Generation Pastor at my church, Geanna Wilde. Geanna has spoken so much life into me in the last 2-ish years that I've known her. She's taken the time to ask the hard questions - not for just me but for anyone that steps in front of her. She is kind and caring in all she does. Her joy is radiant and the way she gives her life to the Lord in everything she does is something I look up to so much! I could go on and on about so many amazing things about Geanna, but honestly you'd just have to meet her to understand. “

How old were you when you created Love Well?  

  • “I was 13 when God showed me the verse that Love Well comes from. I started writing the words “love well” on my arm and it just kind of became a thing. The words didn’t land on a shirt until I was 14.  “

What encouraged you to continue this idea into a business? 

  • “It started as a simple way to raise money for a mission trip, but the Lord kept putting on my heart how people needed to know these words and be reminded of them. So with God's help, it became a business! There have been so many times that I've wanted to stop Love Well - so many times that it just got in the way, but God keeps reminding me that this isn’t about me. It’s about His message and I am just the message carrier!”

I hope everyone enjoyed learning more about Syd in this little interview, we will see you next week!


Shay Maclean