Love is Listening

This week I’ve been thinking of the different actions that go into showing others love and feeling loved in return. Theres a million parts of loving others, but a word popped into my head that I hadn't ever thought of relating to love before. 

Listening. Love is listening. 

Perhaps it has to do with setting aside your own agenda and leaning into some one else’s thoughts for a moment. I believe a very important part of serving another person is listening to their stories, their troubles, their rejoices. Further, listening to what a person needs is a sign of loving well. Listening to how exactly you can serve and support your loved ones increases your empathy and ultimately makes the relationship healthier. 

This also applies to God. I was thinking the other day - do I talk to God more or listen to God more? I hope I’m listening because I feel like that is a higher sign of love and reverence (Which should go hand in hand.) I strive to listen to Him to guide my every move, and I hope my listening is obeying. I pray that my love resembles a listening, obedient, and willing heart to the Father. 

After realizing how important listening is to loving others, I remembered how valued I felt when I’ve had somebody in my life to listen to my thoughts. My friendships who regularly ask “How’s your heart? What are you going through?” are the ones where I feel most valued and supported in. So, of course I want to replicate this to validate the ones I love the most!

I pray to be led to exercise this more in the relationships around me, and listen to God more to reply to Him with obedience that will help me to love Him and others well. 

Heres to another week of loving well - let’s listen more.


Shay Maclean