What Love Well means to me.

First off - hello! My name is Shay Maclean and I’ve been so blessed to have begun managing Love Well’s social media. I wanted to begin with something a little more interesting than just an intro-to-me, so I’d like to start with what this message means to my life, personally. 

The past few years of my life have been a journey of dedication and discovery of how exactly to walk and grow in a relationship with Christ. While the Lord is the most faithful presence I’ve ever known, my heart knowledge still battles head knowledge. 

I had extra difficulty recognizing the grace that was given to me just as it was given to every soul after the Father. I couldn’t look past each shortcoming of my own, and know truly in my heart that God could look past it. I asked God to overtake my heart; to steady the strength of emotions and lean on his unwavering faithfulness. I soon learned the importance of becoming teachable which made it so much easier to learn the Lord’s character. 

Jesus taught me that my understanding of who He is does not change His character, and He is the ultimate giver of love and mercy. When I started walking closer with God, I started rejoicing in responding to who He has asked us to be with obedience. He brought people into my life that made me overwhelmed with love and compassion - showing me an example of how His own heart overflows with love and compassion for His children. 

I started attempting to love those around me with reckless abandon, responding to each shortcoming and area of brokenness with overflowing love that I couldn’t hold back. The Lord showed me how He loves me regardless, by first making my heart overwhelmed with a love that I couldn’t contain for those around me. By listening to the Fathers call to love others as He does, He showed me how He also loves me. 

Learning to love others well changed my life. Since then, Ive tried to strive every day to show my love to others better than I did the day before. My goal is to fully utilize the constant communication offered to us through prayer, to become the best servant of His love that I can. 

I quote I’ve loved recently is: “Talk is cheap. Love has feet.” To walk in the Lord’s love means to love those around your every step. There is no love like God’s love - ask Him to show you His love for others through you so that we can come closer to comprehending His love for us. 

Loving well should mean the world to us - since His love is first what brought us to be able to show love. Make it a goal to love well this week, friends. See just how fast it can change your perception of everyone. 

“This is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much, but well.”

Philippians 1:9 (MSG)

See you next week, 


Shay Maclean